For the past 25 years we have been supplying a relatively specialized range of services across the industrial and commercial building and property repair and maintenance fields in and around all of South Australia.

Our Services


Gutter Lining Adelaide

Gutter Lining Adelaide

Having a rusted gutter? Stains on the underside of the eaves? Gutter holes – Windows staining due

Roof Access & Safety

Fibreglass Roof Walkways

We supply and install FRP (Fibreglass grate- roof walkways, floor and drain grate) For use whereever

Roof Replacement Adelaide

Roof Replacement Adelaide

Corroded roof – rusted and damaged – need roof replacement Adelaide – new roof installation – leaky

Fibreglass acid & chemical resistant linings

We also fibreglass line cooling-towers, acid & chemical storage and dipping tanks for the galvanizing, plating and powder-coating industries, inground

Roof Waterproofing / Repairs Adelaide

We use different types of water-proofing membranes depending on the specific requirements, eg around roof protrusions, rusty roof sections, around

ILCAW (Industrial Linings, Coatings & Waterproofing)

3 Dixon St, Clarence Park SA 5034

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